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Following our enforced closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have now been granted permission to re-open given that we can ensure our games can be operated in a safe manner.  We have followed Government Guidelines when preparing our revised procedures, and we have been awarded the "We're Good To Go" approval by Visit Britain based on these new restrictions.

This document will demonstrate the steps we have taken in order to make our experiences as safe as possible, in order to minimise any possible risk of the virus being apparent.



Motion sensor, touchless sanitizer stations upon entry and exit. We have ensured we use sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content to prevent the spread of germs. We ask all members of your group to use these before your game


 As of Thursday 27/1/22 face coverings are now optional for players in line with government guidance.


We encourage you to please use the toilet before your visit. As these facilities are shared with customers, any risk will be reduced by not using the onsite toilets. If the toilets are used we will endeavour to clean them after each use.


All games are private to your group and bookings have now been staggered to lower the risk of contact with other groups. If a member of the group feels unwell or has symptoms of Coronavirus, please contact us to rearrange your booking.


Our escape rooms are thoroughly cleaned with anti bacterial solution and all locks and props are sanitized before and after each game.


Track and trace is no longer required at our site. However we do hold onto booking details for a temporary period of 21 days, with all records being held securely.

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