At least one person over 16 years old must be present in each game.

Children under 10 years old may find the puzzles too difficult. 


Games are rated out of 5 in terms of difficulty.


For larger bookings over 6 people or corporate bookings please contact so we can tailor an experience

to suit your needs and requirements.


Zombie hand through the cracked wall. Ho

The Infected
A zombie apocalypse is in full effect outside the hospital walls. The residents of Spalding have become infected with an airborne disease and have now become 'The Infected' .You have been a patient at the hospital and now the ward is in full automatic lockdown to protect the patients.
Unfortunately the infected have become stronger and are managing to break through the hospital's security gateway. You must escape the ward with your fellow patients before the infected find and infect you. 

***WARNING*** This game will include moments of darkness, an element of crawling and themes that some people may find startling. Due to the theme the recommended age for this game is 12+


return to wonderland.png

Return to Wonderland

Your group stumbles across a white rabbit and you follow it through the woods. You find yourself stumbling through a rabbit hole into a new dimension of reality. The Mad Hatter and friends have been frozen in time and cursed for eternity. Your team must find Wonderland by solving the clues left by the legendary Alice. Completing a variety of tasks and puzzles will revert time back to normality and save The Hatter.


Hurry, you only have 60 minutes before The Queen of Hearts returns. Do you have what it takes?

*WARNING* Element of crawling featured. Recommended age 10+

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Coming THIS SUMMER 2022 !

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